On my way to Ellis Island's Immigration Museum...on a boat


My name’s Skylar.  This is my first-ever attempt at writing a blog, although I have plenty of experience writing novel-like Facebook messages and email updates to my many friends around the globe, so I figured if they enjoy my stories so much (at least they tell me they do), why not share?  Lucky you, you get to benefit from my ramblings too!

I teach English as a Second Language to people from all over the world, and I love my job.  I never thought I would be a teacher though; in fact, I have an undergraduate degree in Political Studies.  However, all through my undergrad I minored in English and took other language courses, and by the end, I noticed that my politics papers distinctly favoured diasporic and multicultural studies.  I knew that, if I ever wanted to continue with a Master’s along the same line, I’d have to start working with immigrants at some point, so when the opportunity to study TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) came up, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it earlier.  It’s been the perfect fit, and best of all, it’s a job I can do anywhere in the world.

I’ve been teaching in Canada for just over a year now, and am finally about to embark on my first adventure: I’m going to teach in Brazil!  I can’t wait to learn more about other people and places, and of course about myself, and I’m going to take you along for the ride, too!  I am very open to comments, suggestions, and questions, so feel free to participate as much as you like.




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