Still Kickin´ – and loving it

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop a line and say I´m doing well, just in a place with slow internet connection.  I´m still in Itacoatiara until Friday, when I´ll head back to Manaus to teach Saturday.  The bus ride is four hours, so I´ll work on a longer post for then.  You can probably expect new posts from me on Sunday or Monday, and on Friday or Saturday depending on when I have time to upload them.

Anyway, I should tell you that despite some fears about being in a small town, I LOVE Itacoatiara!  It´s so beautiful and peaceful here.  I´ll be living at the school, and my roommate is this hilarious guy who speaks next to no English, equivalent to my nonexistant knowledge of Portuguese.  Today is the first day we´ve been alone together, but it´s going very well.  We talk through Google translate, charades, and onomatopoeia lol.  More updates on that as it happens 😉

My classes are going great.  It´s pretty much like teaching at LSC, but even easier because the teacher´s manual tells you exactly how to do everything!  The students are awesome so far.  As I had hoped, the classroom is where I feel the most comfortable.  I´m really glad I decided to learn how to teach before coming abroad…it would have been waaayy too much to be dropped into teaching as well as a new language, culture, and social setting!

I have met a lot of characters over the last few days, and I´ll tell you about them later.  Everyone has been very welcoming, and I don´t think I´ll have any problems fitting in here.  On the other hand, there has been some drama with the other new intern, an American guy.  Again I will fill you in in more detail later, but basically, nobody thinks he his here for the right reasons.  It´s still up in the air whether he will stick around.  I hope for his sake he figures it out soon!

Okay, I should go – I´m using the reception computer and classes will begin again in 40 minutes.  Looking forward to hearing from you!



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3 responses to “Still Kickin´ – and loving it

  1. Glad to hear you liked it. Like I said, the American who was there while I was in Manaus also LOVED it. The students that I had at Fisk were fantastic! That’s what really got me into the teaching profession.

    I’m curious to hear about the other intern. When I was there one of the interns up and left 1/2 way through the program without letting any of us know. He just never returned after vacation. The Amazon was not what he expected and I knew he wasn’t happy, but I didn’t think he’d just leave.

  2. MahaMa

    So happy to hear that you’re happy! As you know, I love getting the scoop on everything… but one piece of information that is glaringly missing from your postings is your comment on the weather. I see that it is 93 / feels like 108 degrees there right now — are you melting yet?

    Is it really 4 hours on the bus — or are you counting 2 hours each way? Hope you can actually get stuff done during transport and not having to ride on an overcrowded bus (obviously I have no idea what the transportation situation is like).

    Looking forward to more. Can’t wait to hear about ‘the characters’!

  3. BreCheese

    I think I will feel your pain, but reversed. I’ll be dropped in to a culture and language I’m at least familiar with, but with absolutely NO teaching experience! Thank goodness I’m only an “intern” type…:) All my best from Barcelona, where we probably have the same smothering amount of humidity!

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