Aimless in Toronto

A stereotypical Toronto photo...not mine, clearly

…Which is my current location. I’ve been chilling in T-dot for about 3 days now. You may recall a few posts back that I mentioned I didn’t know what would come next once I was done. Well, shortly after writing that, I got the bright idea to call up my old boss at the language school where I worked last summer and see if I could do some supply teaching. They’re always really busy in July. So I emailed him that night, and he emailed me back early the next morning to say sure, there would most likely be work for me. Hooray! I was super pumped about that prospect. I know, I know…a three day weekend isn’t exactly summer vacation, but I don’t take well to idleness. Or rather, I take to it too well – and then I just never get around to doing anything, ever again. I was also really excited to get to spend some time with my former co-workers, who have turned into great friends. And on top of everything there is always a good possibility of meeting some cool Brazilians (after all, it was working at this school with Brazilians that gave me the idea to go there in the first place).

The idea was bright and everything, and I thought I’d had things so well planned out. I would stay at my sister’s place, work during the day like everyone else I know in TO, then hang out with my various groups of friends in the evenings. If I didn’t have work I would read, blog, or learn some Portuguese (as I’d mentioned before). Well, here I am on Wednesday night, and no call from the boss to work. Which is strange because I have it on excellent authority (friends who still teach at the school) that enrolment is high and experienced staff is few. So that means that I’ve spent the last three days trying to sleep in (no such luck – sister and her boyfriend are babysitting a very needy cat [read: I am babysitting a needy cat]), shopping (I’d already bought everything I need for Brazil, and now I have no source of income), and reading in random locations across the city.

Future Bakery, a pastry shop/pub that's open until 1am every night - a student's dream!

The reading part forces me to be very creative, since I don’t want to just sit around in my sister’s basement apartment. So far I have nursed iced coffee on the patios of two Starbucks and one famous bakery, and read approximately 75 pages of Tina Fey’s autobiography Bossypants without buying it by hiding out in the corners of different bookstores for prolonged periods. I intend to finish the book – without buying it – before I leave Toronto.

This could be me at any Indigo location across the GTA

In theory, I’m doing everything you’re supposed to do on vacation. I’m reading, visiting friends, I’m eating well (I got groceries on Monday), I’m getting lots of exercise on my lengthy and unnecessary walks through the city, and I’m sleeping in (ish). Things should be great! But I am SO BORED. And antsy. And feeling not a little guilty that I just gave up an amazing job for seemingly nothing! Also, I know my disposable income (i.e. the money not allocated to travel) will run out very soon, and then I’ll either have to stop doing anything fun or leave for Brazil on my own. I really don’t know which is scarier (you probably don’t live in my hometown, so you wouldn’t understand. Or you do, so you know what I mean). Basically I thought I’d feel cool and carefree in Toronto, but instead I feel like a homeless, couch-surfing cat lady who loiters overlong in coffee shops and bookstores and makes other customers uncomfortable. At least I’m not talking to myself yet (or am I? What is a blog, after all?).

Anyway, I sent a long and hopefully evocative email to the internship people just before writing this, so hopefully they take pity on me and something gets done about this interminable snail mail limbo in which I’ve been mired for the past six weeks. I’ll try to write something less whiny and more entertaining and substantial in the near future. Until then, wish me luck!


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One response to “Aimless in Toronto

  1. Breanna

    Luck is wished! At least this loiterer will return in a few more weeks to help empathize with the unemployed and unprepared scenario!

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