I’m on a boat…are you aboard?

Here it is, my first-ever blog post!  I think this has been a long time coming; but, as it’s finally spring (I am actually sitting outside as I type this, yay!), it seems like a good time to begin something new.

I’ve called this blog “Same Boat, Different Ocean,” which might sound like this is going to be about nautical adventures.  Why, you ask, would I choose a blog title about boats when I have zero knowledge or authority on that topic?  Well, the first thing you need to know about me is that I’m an English teacher, and that I happen to be very fond of wordplay.

Firstly, I am planning on doing some travelling in the near future, and this will in part be a travel blog.  But on a grander theme, the title reflects my belief (my hypothesis, if you will) that, despite differences in language, culture, or geographic location, people have more in common than they have different.

I chose a name that, I think, reflects my chief goals both for this blog and in my life over the next few years:

  1. Learn about the experience of immigrants and different diaspora groups in Canada.
  2. Explore other cultures outside of Canada through travel.
  3. Find out what it’s like to live in a culture other than the one in which I was raised.

I invite you to come with me along this “big, wet, watery road” – because I would never choose T-Pain over you, but also because you, like me, are a part of this crazy, globalized world.  Wouldn’t you like to know more about your neighbours?  Do you think that, in knowing your neighbours, you can learn more about yourself?  I’m willing to wager my savings and the next year of my life (at least) that complete strangers can tell me more about the world than 4 years of university study…are you in?



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2 responses to “I’m on a boat…are you aboard?

  1. Thanks for checking out and subscribing to The Postgrad Agenda! I’ll be checking you out =) hope to hear more from you soon!

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